New Torcello Wheel Offers Easy Customization

Torcello WheelAmong the many benefits of polyurethane steering wheels are the variety of designs and ability to customize, enhancing the wheel itself and complementing a boat’s décor. Schmitt & Ongaro introduces the Torcello by Stella, an all-new polyurethane wheel with numerous decorative options.

The innovative Torcello allows customers to vary the richness of the wheel. By layering trim enhancements, they can optimize the level of decoration to match a boat’s style and price point, while maintaining control over the final cost.

The base Torcello model offers simplicity in a durable design, with a grip that gives the look and feel of leather and a choice of polished aluminum, black anodized or satin finished spokes. Customers can then add chromed ABS rim or spoke trim pieces, elevating the level of ornamentation. A choice of attractive center caps allows for additional possibilities. This layering of options can be continued until the customer has a highly decorated version of the Torcello. These are just a few examples of the depth of design that defines the Torcello.

The Schmitt & Ongaro Torcello steering wheel measures 360mm (14.2″) in diameter. It has an MSRP starting at $139.40. It is ideally suited for ski boats, wakeboard boats, runabouts or pontoons.