Simple Tips Preserve Stainless Steel Shine

Vision Wheel with Wave





Little enhances the appearance of a boat like gleaming, mirror-like parts and fittings. All marine metals, even the superior stainless steel grade used in Schmitt & Ongaro wheels and horns, require periodic maintenance to prevent corrosion, extend their life and preserve their lustrous shine.

Stainless steel has an invisible, protective or passive layer of chromium oxide. In a marine environment, pollutants, contaminants and salt can pit this protective film, leading to potential deterioration. Keeping this coating clean will preserve the like-new gleam and lengthen the item’s life.

Maintaining the finish on a Schmitt & Ongaro wheel or horn is simple. Owners should regularly clean the stainless steel with mild, biodegradable soap and water. Once dry, boat or car wax can be applied to remove stains, enhance the item’s shine and add a layer of protection. If rust is noticed, even from contact with a non-stainless part, a household metal cleaner should be used.

Owners should avoid using abrasives such as steel wool or powdered kitchen cleansers. Bleach, mineral acids, and even some common boat cleaners can also be harmful to the stainless finish. When in doubt, boaters should stick with the basics. More information is available at

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