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32010 hi res tiff32010 12V - 32011 24V

Windshield wipers that sweep asynchronous can be annoying while keeping watch. Schmitt & Ongaro Marine provides mariners a distraction-free view of the seas ahead with its new Synchronized Wiper Controller.

The unit simultaneously controls one to three motors for synchronized sweep at slow, fast or intermittent speeds. Users can select to wipe all the windscreens together or just the helm station.

The provided rocker power switch also runs the wash system. If the controller is set at slow sweep, it will speed up the motors while washing.

The innovative controller draws a maximum of 5A and is available in 12V or 24V. Both slow and fast speed settings have their own circuit for efficient operation and maximum torque. If a motor becomes overloaded, the power will break automatically.

Like all products from Schmitt & Ongaro Marine, the Synchronized Wiper Controller is built to the highest standards to reliably perform in a marine environment. It comes with a three-year warranty and has an MSRP of $244.85.

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW). sales@schmittsteering.com. www.schmittongaromarine.com.


Waterproof Wiper Motor Keeps Boats Weather-Ready

When the weather is less than ideal, having a reliable wiper motor can make all the difference. The new standard waterproof wiper motor from Schmitt & Ongaro is designed for reliable wiper operation at all times and in all conditions.


WP Standard Wiper Motor

Ideal for smaller boats, this durable single-speed motor combines the security of waterproof protection with excellent value. Like all Schmitt & Ongaro products, it’s been engineered to provide trouble-free service.

The Schmitt & Ongaro waterproof wiper motor features a 6.4 cm stainless steel shaft. Its aluminum housing ensures efficient heat dissipation and enhanced protection. CE-approved insulated grounding makes it suitable for use with steel, aluminum, wooden or GRP boats.

Exerting 5 N·m of torque, the 12V motor features an adjustable sweep angle of 80º to 110º **  and a self-parking gear to left or right. The unit accepts up to a 14 x 14 inch arm and blade. The wiper motor comes with a three-year warranty.

Carrying out a long tradition of providing high quality products and attentive customer service, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products designs, develops and tests its products in the US.

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602 USA. +1-717-431-2316; Fax: +1-717-431-2319. sales@schmittsteering.com. www.schmittongaromarine.com.

**This is a correction to the original press release.   The wiper sweep can be adjusted between 80 – 110 degrees.**