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Outpacing the marine industry’s overall growth trajectory, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, manufacturer of steering wheels, horns, wipers and other high-quality components for recreational and commercial vessels, posted record sales figures for 2017. The company saw a 9.2% increase over the same period in 2016, with a three-year overall growth total of 37.8%.

Several factors account for this exemplary growth. Schmitt & Ongaro continues to develop and market new, innovative marine steering wheels for aftermarket and OEM. The ability to provide boatbuilders semi-custom products has strengthened its customer base. Additionally, the company made purchasing easier for its European customers by accepting SEPA payments.

“With consistent growth throughout 2017, we’ve been able to put substantial energies into R&D,” said Schmitt & Ongaro Marine president, Tim Schmitt. “We’re excited about the new products we’re rolling out in 2018 and future projects that are in the design phase.”

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine manufactures a wide range of innovative and superior quality marine steering wheels, horns, wiper systems, control arms and knobs, and accessories. The company offers some of the strongest product warranties in the industry and exceptional customer service.

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW). sales@schmittsteering.com. www.schmittongaromarine.com.





Schmitt & Ongaro Marine introduces a high-quality aluminum and polyurethane marine steering wheel with a price point that’s competitive with all-plastic models. The exceptional yet economical Torcello Lite by Stella provides a sure, solid command of the helm and fits with any boat décor.

The Torcello Lite is made to the same high, demanding standards for which the Stella brand is renowned. Boatbuilders can upgrade from a basic plastic marine steering wheel to this premium quality version, with minimal impact to the boat’s final cost.

The 13″ Torcello Lite features three satin silver or black anodized aluminum spokes with stylish cut-outs. The ergonomic grip is cowhide leather-textured black polyurethane with accent areas having the look of perforated leather. Its black center cap can be upgraded to chromed ABS for an additional charge. It has a plastic hub with a 3/4″ tapered bore.

Schmitt & Ongaro’s Torcello Lite has an MSRP of $89.95.

Stella is a line of polyurethane steering wheels by Schmitt & Ongaro. Known for its superior customer service, the company is the industry’s foremost maker of innovative and exceptional quality marine accessories.

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW). sales@schmittsteering.com. www.schmittongaromarine.com.

Editor’s note: See the Torcello Lite and other fine Schmitt & Ongaro products at IBEX, October 4-6, Tampa, Florida, Booth 1813.


Burano Wheel with Burl RenderingBURANO WHEEL BY STELLA TURNS HEADS

Burano Wheel with Burl Rendering JPEG

The distinctively styled Burano Wheel by Stella is really turning heads. Introduced at the 2015 International Boatbuilders’ Exposition & Conference (IBEX), the bold new offering from Schmitt & Ongaro Marine instantly enhances a boat’s décor.

Ideally suited for cruisers, runabouts, ski and wakeboard boats, and upscale pontoons, the 14″ (360mm) polyurethane Burano features a durable and low-maintenance stainless steel frame construction, available with a tapered or spline hub. The grip has the look and feel of fine, hand-stitched leather. Unique polished, tubular spokes, burl wood-like accents and a contemporary center cap add to its unique, modern styling.

Designed for both refit and OEM, boatbuilders can customize the Burano to match their vessel’s styling. Rim trim and spoke accent pieces, and the center cap can be chrome, painted or hydrographic coated in a wide range of colors and combinations.

Owners can easily augment their boat’s appearance with a bold, new look by adding a Burano Wheel. Anticipated MSRP is $275.

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW). sales@schmittsteering.com. www.schmittongaromarine.com.


Wheel Stand with Wheel        


       Feeling is believing—that’s why Schmitt & Ongaro is giving away a free wheel stand with the purchase of six of its steering wheels. The stands enable dealers and retailers to more easily display the Schmitt wheels. This merchandising opportunity will help distributors and dealers drive sales by putting a Schmitt & Ongaro wheel directly in the customer’s hands without leaving the showroom. The custom wheel stand is also available for purchase as a standalone item.

         The superior quality of a Schmitt & Ongaro steering wheel becomes evident through both its visual appeal and its easy handling. The wheel stand encourages customers to experience the brand first hand. Whether they’re in the market for a fine stainless steel wheel or seek solid value with a polyurethane model, boat owners are sure to find a Schmitt & Ongaro product that suits their needs.

            The sturdy black, powder-coated stand is fitted with four rubber feet to prevent it from moving or tipping. A mounting post with a heavy screw accommodates attachment of any standard 3/4″ tapered wheel. The wheel stand measures approximately 11″ H x 7.5″ W x 8″ D.