Burano Wheel with Burl RenderingBURANO WHEEL BY STELLA TURNS HEADS

Burano Wheel with Burl Rendering JPEG

The distinctively styled Burano Wheel by Stella is really turning heads. Introduced at the 2015 International Boatbuilders’ Exposition & Conference (IBEX), the bold new offering from Schmitt & Ongaro Marine instantly enhances a boat’s décor.

Ideally suited for cruisers, runabouts, ski and wakeboard boats, and upscale pontoons, the 14″ (360mm) polyurethane Burano features a durable and low-maintenance stainless steel frame construction, available with a tapered or spline hub. The grip has the look and feel of fine, hand-stitched leather. Unique polished, tubular spokes, burl wood-like accents and a contemporary center cap add to its unique, modern styling.

Designed for both refit and OEM, boatbuilders can customize the Burano to match their vessel’s styling. Rim trim and spoke accent pieces, and the center cap can be chrome, painted or hydrographic coated in a wide range of colors and combinations.

Owners can easily augment their boat’s appearance with a bold, new look by adding a Burano Wheel. Anticipated MSRP is $275.

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Improved All Stainless, Waterproof Shorty Trumpet Horns


Shorty horn

Having a loud, trustworthy sound device is essential to safe boating. Sleek as ever, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine’s popular Deluxe Stainless Steel Shorty Single and Dual Trumpet horns have been improved for even greater safety, reliability and performance.

The company’s all stainless steel deluxe shorty trumpets are now equipped with an innovative drain feature that increases functionality in rain or choppy weather. The fasteners of the sounding unit are completely sealed in resin to block moisture. The vibration pads are likewise protected with a conductive lubricant. Combined with durable, rubber gaskets, they’re worry-free. Both units meet ABYC A-23 standards for boats up to 39′.

The patented 12-volt horns are constructed of gleaming 304 stainless steel throughout, including the brackets and internal housing. Maintenance has been reduced to simple cleaning to enhance the lustrous shine. They’re guaranteed not to rust for five years.

They are pre-wired for easy installation. The hole patterns for these horns remain the same as the prior Schmitt & Ongaro shorty models for simple upgrade projects.

Whether for reasons of aesthetics or limited space, the horns’ reduced size make them ideal for a wide range of applications. The single shorty trumpet is 13.5″ L x 3.5″ W x 4″ H. It draws 4 amps and is rated 114 db at one meter. A commanding 120 db at one meter, the 7 amp dual version is

16″ L x 7.5″ W x 4″ H. Both horns are known for their sound clarity and enhanced audibility.

The suggested list price for the Deluxe Stainless Steel Shorty Single Trumpet is $113.30. The Deluxe Shorty Dual Trumpet is $229.10.

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products manufactures innovative and exceptional quality marine steering wheels, horns, wiper systems, control arms and knobs, and accessories. The company offers some of the strongest product warranties in the industry and exceptional customer service.

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Introducing our New 11″ Stainless Steel Destroyer Wheel with Control Knob



For ease of maneuvering, nothing beats a wheel control knob, especially in wet weather or when one hand is needed for the throttle. Schmitt & Ongaro’s new 11″ Destroyer Wheel comes complete with this must-have feature.

Smaller in diameter than a standard wheel, it serves well in tight and restricted locations. Ideal for any boat, it’s perfect for center consoles, fly bridges, RIBs, runabouts, crabbers and skiffs. When mounted on a stern helm station, it makes backing down safe and easy.

Crafted of strong, superior-grade stainless steel, the six-spoked wheel is highly polished for a low-maintenance, mirror-like finish. It’s ideal for both salt and freshwater. Its ball bearing knob spins even in the most grueling environments. With its black center cap and control knob insert, the 11″ Destroyer Wheel’s rugged good looks enhance any boat décor.

Developed for both refit and OEM, the solidly-built 11″ Destroyer Wheel with control knob fits a 3/4″ tapered shaft for ease of installation and maximum rigidity. With a 10° dish, it provides plenty of offset from the dash.

MSRP for Schmitt & Ongaro Marine’s model 1531111K-H Destroyer Wheel with control knob is $241.80.

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products is the industry’s foremost maker of innovative and exceptional quality marine steering wheels, horns, wiper systems, control arms and knobs, and accessories. Known for its superior customer service principles, the company offers some of the strongest product warranties in the industry.

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NMFC Policy Change for Concealed Damaged

Recent changes have been made to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) rules regarding concealed damage notifications. As of Saturday, April 18, 2015 the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has reduced the time shippers are allowed to report concealed damage to the carrier from 15 days to 5 days. Unless otherwise stated in a carrier’s specific rules tariff, this applies to all LTL shipments.

As a valued customer, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine wants to make sure you are aware of this change as well as provide information on how you can mitigate some of the possible effects to your business. Take a look below at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this change.

What is concealed damage?
Concealed damage is damage which you did not notice when you first accepted your shipment or was hidden from your sight.

What does this mean for me and my business?
If you fail to report concealed damage within 5 days, it will result in your inability to file a freight claim with the carrier.

How can I lessen any potential impacts due to this change?
It is strongly recommended that you open and inspect all shipments immediately upon receiving. Doing so will help ensure that you are able to provide timely notification to the carrier if you discover damage to your shipment.

What happens if I discover concealed damage?
If you discover any concealed damage, the process for notifying the carrier has not changed.  Stop unpacking the shipment and retain all packaging. Take steps to reduce further loss of the goods. Do not discard damaged goods, packaging and container seals until surveyor has had a chance to investigate the loss and be sure to take pictures of the damaged freight.  Schmitt & Ongaro Marine cannot be held responsible for damages caused by carriers.  We advise you to immediately contact the carrier to obtain the necessary information to submit a claim directly to the carrier.

If needed, additional information can be obtained by visiting the NMFC website at


Simple Tips Preserve Stainless Steel Shine

Vision Wheel with Wave





Little enhances the appearance of a boat like gleaming, mirror-like parts and fittings. All marine metals, even the superior stainless steel grade used in Schmitt & Ongaro wheels and horns, require periodic maintenance to prevent corrosion, extend their life and preserve their lustrous shine.

Stainless steel has an invisible, protective or passive layer of chromium oxide. In a marine environment, pollutants, contaminants and salt can pit this protective film, leading to potential deterioration. Keeping this coating clean will preserve the like-new gleam and lengthen the item’s life.

Maintaining the finish on a Schmitt & Ongaro wheel or horn is simple. Owners should regularly clean the stainless steel with mild, biodegradable soap and water. Once dry, boat or car wax can be applied to remove stains, enhance the item’s shine and add a layer of protection. If rust is noticed, even from contact with a non-stainless part, a household metal cleaner should be used.

Owners should avoid using abrasives such as steel wool or powdered kitchen cleansers. Bleach, mineral acids, and even some common boat cleaners can also be harmful to the stainless finish. When in doubt, boaters should stick with the basics. More information is available at

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW).


Universal Fit – Center Nuts offer Style and Value

Expanding on its extensive line of attractive and high-quality boat wheel trim, Schmitt & Ongaro Marine introduces its Faux Center Nuts. A practical and versatile choice, these striking center nuts are designed with style and value in mind. They’re a perfect match to the company’s cast wheels, such as its popular stainless steel Vision line.

Builders and distributors no longer need to stock multiple variations of threaded center nuts. These universal-fit Faux Center Nuts snap into place on a choice of two bases. One fits 1/2″ mechanical or 12mm steering systems, such as for SeaStar or Uflex. The other is for 5/8″ hydraulic systems, like Hynautic.

Faux Center Nuts are available in traditionally-finished 316 stainless steel or gleaming, chrome-plated ABS. The durable, cast stainless version can be engraved for boat builders by Schmitt & Ongaro Marine for a custom, finished appearance. Customers can order packages with either nut and one or both bases for leaner, more efficient inventories.

Faux Nuts

On left – Stainless Steel Faux Nut On Right – Chrome ABS Faux Nut

As with all its products, these new economical center nuts represent Schmitt & Ongaro’s continued dedication to workmanship, attention to detail and production optimization. The stainless steel Faux Center Nut retails for $24.90, while the chrome-plated ABS model costs $9.10. Both come standard with one base.


December 19, 2014 – New Product Release         Poly Destroyer Wheel

Schmitt and Ongaro’s all new Polyurethane Destroyer Wheel brings a commanding presence to any boat, at a price point unmatched by its competition. Manufactured with the standard of high quality the company is known for worldwide, this wheel, with its classic styling and robust construction, is made to perform in the harshest conditions.

Solidly built, the Polyurethane Destroyer is weather-defying and easy to care for. Five gleaming spokes radiate from the wheel’s central hub—all constructed from durable stainless steel. A molded and foamed black polyurethane covering surrounds a strong steel ring and features a leather-textured finish. Finger grips provide comfort and maximum control. A matching black center cap is standard; chrome-plated ABS is available as an upgrade.

With its contrasting mirror-like finish and inviting black grip, the Destroyer is both tough and practical. It’s a high quality, low-cost option for any boat, but is ideal for RIBs, runabouts, skiffs and center consoles. The wheel is available in 14″ and 16″ diameters, each with a 22° dish. MSRP is $90.39 and $95.68, respectively.

Contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW).

New Torcello Wheel Offers Easy Customization

Torcello WheelAmong the many benefits of polyurethane steering wheels are the variety of designs and ability to customize, enhancing the wheel itself and complementing a boat’s décor. Schmitt & Ongaro introduces the Torcello by Stella, an all-new polyurethane wheel with numerous decorative options.

The innovative Torcello allows customers to vary the richness of the wheel. By layering trim enhancements, they can optimize the level of decoration to match a boat’s style and price point, while maintaining control over the final cost.

The base Torcello model offers simplicity in a durable design, with a grip that gives the look and feel of leather and a choice of polished aluminum, black anodized or satin finished spokes. Customers can then add chromed ABS rim or spoke trim pieces, elevating the level of ornamentation. A choice of attractive center caps allows for additional possibilities. This layering of options can be continued until the customer has a highly decorated version of the Torcello. These are just a few examples of the depth of design that defines the Torcello.

The Schmitt & Ongaro Torcello steering wheel measures 360mm (14.2″) in diameter. It has an MSRP starting at $139.40. It is ideally suited for ski boats, wakeboard boats, runabouts or pontoons.

New Destroyer Wheel

Schmitt and Ongaro unveiled their all new “Destroyer” wheel with a polyurethane wrapped grip.

The durability of stainless steel with the comfort and practicality of polyurethane.   During the month of October, Schmitt and Ongaro are offering promotional pricing on this wheel.   To  learn more about this wheel and our special pricing, contact:


Poly Destroyer Wheel

All New Polyurethane Wheel

Schmitt and Ongaro unveiled the new “Torcello” wheel last week at the 2014 IBEX show in Tampa Florida. The wheel generated a lot of interest with it’s sleek, modern design and the ability to customize the wheel’s look with a variety of trims and center caps. To find out how to get this wheel on YOUR boat, contact:   Torcello Wheel